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Tommy T


Band Role: Singer

Day Job: Desk Clerk at Franks Garage

Background: Dreamer, away with the fairies

Hobbies: Playing with his kids, Always going on imaginary adventures with his kids, building crazy contraptions in his shed which never work

Holly Belle




Band Role: Singer

Day Job: Works in Ice Cream Parlour

Background: Hot hotted, feisty, diva, driven, focused, sadistic! Takes no prisoners (unless she's tying men up for pleasure!!!)

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Extreme Sports, Kickboxing

Band Role: Singer

Day Job: Works with Holly at the Ice Cream Parlour

Background: Proper Essex Girl!! All Glitz and Glam, Not much going on upstairs apart from hair, but very kind and generous

Hobbies: Shopping for clothes and shoes, makeup, and saving puppies

Annie Grace

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