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The Tommy T Story

An ice cream parlour isn’t the usual place for sparks to fly, but when TOMMY T dropped his girl off for her last shift on the scoops, his musical life changed forever. He knew he’d met kindred spirits in Annie-Grace and Holly-Belle (THE BELLES) when he saw them snapping their fingers and harmonising to soul 45s on the Wurlitzer over milkshakes and sundaes. It was only a matter of time before they found the perfect back line to their new choreographed harmonies in THE TONES - a bunch of garage grease monkees who tinkered with cars at Franks Hot Rod Grarage.. The music has been coming thick and fast ever since. By mixing Tommy T’s quirky vocal power, with the Belles beautiful harmonies and the rhythm and soul of The Tones the band provide an energetic, spellbinding, slick-as-grease show that rolls, thunders, roars and soars. WATCH OUT it’s spreading like wildfire from Memphis to Manchester...

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